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5 Steps to 

Eliminating Overwhelm

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This arrived at the perfect moment! I am overwhelmed with lots as I'm planning a big event, helping my daughter's family move, and getting ready for my third out-of-town trip this month. I did steps one and two of your worksheet, and I feel better already!

Donna H., retired teacher

Here's How It Can Help YOU...

My simple formula walks you through 5 easy reflection exercises that will help you... 

1. End the confusion

Get a clear picture of the current landscape so you can put a stop to the overwhelming swirl of thoughts, worries, tasks, projects, and oops-I-almost-forgots that are raising your stress levels and keeping you running in circles.

2. Gain perspective

Uncover assumptions you're making about your various commitments, and discover empowering new ways of looking at your responsibilities — so you  can reduce your workload and your feelings of overwhelm.

3. Shrink your to-do list

Leverage that new perspective you've gained! Learn and instantly apply 4 simple strategies to drastically reduce your number of responsibilities and how long they will take you to complete.

4. End self-sabotage

Gain insight into ways you are undermining your own motivation and energy. Apply a proven (and feel-good!!) technique for boosting your performance and stamina and reducing the likelihood of burnout.

5. Clarify next steps

Spell out manageable next steps and create a straightforward roadmap for getting the essential stuff done and putting in place the things that will keep you feeling clear, calm, and empowered going forward.

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